Block Paving

Soda specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of block paving. A product which has become very popular over recent years due to the appearance, flexibility and availability of sizes, colours and patterns.

Regular maintenance is however essential to keep Block Paving looking its best. Soda recommend inspecting block paving annually. A regular weed treatment is recommended for many sites. This will help to alleviate damage caused by roots, assist drainage and prevent surface build up of debris. This in turn encourages moss and algae growth which can be unsightly and dangerously slippery. A micro-bio moss and algae inhibitor can be applied if required.

Soda use the latest flat surface cleaning equipment and high pressure water to thoroughly clean block paving. No harmful chemicals are used. The equipment is designed to ensure the integrity of the substrate is not damaged during cleaning and the nozzles on the rotating arm ensure a consistent result is always obtained. The area is then washed down to leave a clean and safe area to dry.

Kiln dried sand is usually applied once the area is dry. This will not only enhance the appearance of the block paving but restrict lateral movement and weed growth. The dry joints are essential for drainage through the paving. This in turn helps to prevent excessive run off and the problems this can cause.

A Block paved driveway, path or patio area is not inexpensive to have installed. Often a job you only want done once. Therefore it makes sense to maintain it properly for the future.