Paving Slabs, Concrete and Tarmac.

Soda clean most outdoor hard surface areas including Patio Slabs, Tarmac and Concrete as required. Care is taken with all surfaces cleaned to ensure a consistent result is obtained without damage.

Algae and Moss control

Another service supplied by Soda is the application of a Moss and Algae inhibitor. The product we use is a micro-bio liquid which is applied via a low pressure spray. It is effective quickly and safely and will not cause problems with the wider environment.

It has been used on a wide range of surfaces including timber, stone, brickwork and decorative rendered building exteriors. Not only will it kill off the offending organism, it will restrict it from colonising the area in the future. To date results have been very encouraging. Please contact Soda for further details.

Oil Spills Treated

Using a natural liquid suspended bacterial  digester Soda can eliminate or drastically reduce the effects of oil spills on driveways. Generally the results obtain depend on 2 major factors. The first is how soon  the spill can be treated and the second is how absorbent the contaminated surface is. The product Soda use breaks down and separates the oils components which enables it to be washed away without fear of contaminating the wider environment.